Three New Ways to Recycle

Three New Ways to Recycle

Plastic recycling numbers are common knowledge and there are many people that compost,

but here are three specific ways to keep trash out of the landfill that you might not have heard of!






Mascara Wands – 

Wildlife organizations use these for so many different tasks! The delicate wands are tools to remove larvae, fly eggs, and ticks from small animals and plants. The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge is always accepting donations – so next time you’re getting ready to toss your mascara, wash the wand with Dawn dish soap and



Send your up-cycled mascara wands to:




Appalachian Wild

P.O. Box 1211

Skyland NC 28776




(This organization has tons of donations now so if you can,

take the time to look up a wildlife refuge near you!)



(photo from Appalachian Wildlife Facebook Page)





Old Brita Filters


Your filters can have a new life after cleaning your water. Terracycle will accept Brita products

and shred them up to be used in new projects. The company also uses the carbon filters to make polymers.


Beauty Product Containers – 



 If you contact them they will give you a shipping label to send back your empty beauty product containers.

This company claims to “recycle all brands of skin care, hair care, and cosmetic packaging through this program”.



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