3D Print Ideas for Dr. Who’s Anniversary

3D Print Ideas for Dr. Who’s Anniversary

Know any Dr. Who fans? Celebrate the upcoming Anniversary of the first episode airing in November 23rd 1963 with some remote 3D prints. Utilize our remote resources with our print form http://irl.depaul.edu/remote-fabrication/ .







Thingiverse is full of talented 3D modelers who create fun designs for anyone to print for free. Here are some ideas below.

If you have any questions about how to send in files, make sure to reach out to us in our consultation hours. ( at this link http://irl.depaul.edu/online-consulting/ )





Dr. Who Chess Pieces






The 12th Doctor’s Sonic Screw Driver¬†

(many interchangeable pieces from different episodes so it can be personalized)





Tardis and Dalek Cookie Cutters



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