3D Printing from Minecraft

3D Printing from Minecraft

To download files to 3D print Java worlds are needed, so it is necessary to convert whichever world you are looking to print from into Java. Most Minecraft platforms such as Minecraft Education use Bedrock as it allows for better cross platform play while the Java PC version allows for more customization. It is also easier to print from Java so that is the avenue we will use. 

To convert the worlds

Use free software MCC ToolChest  to convert a copy of the world into Java and upload that world into  Mineways, which is also a free software.

MCC ToolChest just converts the world type, to do this you will need to download your world map from your minecraft world folder on your computer. This process is a little more complicated so we will link a more in depth tutorial of how to do so can be found here

Once you are able to find the file, upload and convert it. When it’s done converting, be sure to save the world in a new name so you don’t get confused.

Selecting structures to print

Mineways will convert a world map into 3D Prints (STL files)  using the blocks and topography. Once you load the correct version of your world use coordinates to select site areas. 

Right click to select the site area. Once you are ready to export go to  file and export for 3D rendering to print.

There will be 3 different types of STL. files available, select Binary as it will save time and space as it compacts information down. STL stands for standard Tessellation Language which creates 3D models of an object using surface geometry. For more information check out this blog

3D Printing

Once you have your model exported as an STL file import into whatever software corresponds with your printer (Example: Dremel and Dremel Digi Lab Slicer) and select the settings that match your printer, filament etc. For infill it is recommended a moderate amount, 5-10 since most Minecraft builds are blocks that do not need much infill. Lastly be sure to double and triple check your supports to make sure everything that needs to be supported is.

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