Tape Stickers

Good for collages, customizing your notebook, or just as a fun diy project, tape transfer stickers are a method of image transfer using clear tape. There are multiple ways to do image transfers and all move ink from the paper to a new surface. This process is one of the easiest!

You will need:

  • Packing tape (or other clear tape)
  • Printed images or magazine clippings
  • Scissors or precision knife (like x-acto)
  • A bowl of water
  • Paper¬†

  1. Cut out the image you want on your sticker. Cut close to the edges- white paper will not show but any other ink (like on a magazine) will. You can use an exacto knife for extra precision.

2. Cover the image in tape. If the image is larger than the width of the tape, use multiple strips. Press to make sure it is firmly bonded.

3. Cut into manageable sized pieces

4. Soak tape in water and gently rub the paper with your fingers. It should roll off in pieces, revealing the ink on the tape below.

5. Dry your tape sticker. You can let it air dry, or use a hairdryer to speed up the process. Just be careful where you put it! The tape is still sticky.

6. Place your sticker on your paper or store it on wax paper for later. I like to save the coated backings of sticker paper from other projects to reuse for my tape transfers.

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Rachel Black
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