Animation Studios

The IRL has two full-sized black box animation stages, available for reservation for film, animation, photography, or other work. Each studio has two stages, and both are equipped with cinema lights and stop-motion camera kits. Studio #2 houses the Volo Motion Control Camera rig, a professional-grade motion control crane for stop-motion and film.

Reserve an Animation Studio

Animation studio reservations are run by Devin Bell, Animation Stage Coordinator, and are facilitated by IRL staff. To reserve an animation studio, please email Devin at and speak to an IRL staff member.


Reservations must be made at least two days in advance, and will last for up to 48 hours total. Students with reservations must adhere to IRL hours, and will not be permitted to access the space prior to opening or after hours.


Students using the Animation Studios are expected to clean up after themselves and care for the space, and are subject to fines through the Cage if equipment is lost, damaged, or not cleaned up by the end of the reservation.


Students reserving an Animation Studio will be expected to sign the Stage Handbook, which outlines the above policies and any additional rules and restrictions for stage usage.