At-Home Project: Floating Chalk Prints

At-Home Project: Floating Chalk Prints

Marbled objects are all the rage, but you don’t need ink to be able to do something cool with water and color. This project is simple, yet offers so many options on what can be done with it. For this project all you need is:

  • A bucket or bowl to dip paper into
  • Water
  • Colored chalk
  • Paper
  • Something to scrape the chalk



After you gather your materials and fill your bucket, start scraping chalk into the bucket or bowl in whatever colors or shapes you desire! You can use something to swirl the colors too. You can do designs, but they can move when you are attempting to dip your paper.



When you are satisfied with the amount of chalk in the tub or bowl, gently lay your paper in the chalk. Use your finger tips to gently press the paper into the water. After a minute, gently lift up the paper and set aside somewhere to dry!


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Teagan Capek
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