Book Nook

This cute phenomenon may be familiar to some of you, but for those who don’t know what they are, they are models that are made out of books and resemble a commonplace book on the outside. They create a small world within a book shelf. 

My book nook journey started with my professor assigning us to make one from any inspiration we chose. I decided to do one based on Versailles Hall of Mirrors (overly ambitious, I know). 

But I thought it could make for some fun detail and it was such a beautiful place that it would be fun to recreate. Below I will take you through how I went about it and how it turned out. 


After I chose my book I decided how many pages I wanted to keep and take out of the book. Then I took a knife and carefully cut pages out, glued the pages I kept together so I could carve the arches out, and carved the arches out.


Then I sanded the edges so that they were smooth and painting the book with a base layer of white so my other colors would stick. I then started to paint the wall marble with watercolor.

I then drew out the flat arches that were on the opposite wall.

For the moulding I put hot glue on the book in lines and blobs and painted it gold to resemble the gold moulding. At this point I was slightly unhappy with the result because the paint did not come out as clean as I wanted it to. I also added some beads on top of the paint to add dimension and ornamentation. 


I painted part of the ceiling and started adding mirrors inside both arches to emulate the mirrors and windows.

After adding all the mirrors, I thought it looked a little messy to be Versaille, so I changed my concept slightly to be an abandoned and decrepit Versailles.

This meant carefully breaking mirrors, pulling some off, adding brown and green paint to look like moss and mold, adding hot glue strings to look like cobwebs, and adding some fake moss to look like nature took over. 


So here is the finished product!

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Teagan Capek
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