Chicago Based Resources for Protesters and Social Justice Advocates

Chicago Based Resources for Protesters and Social Justice Advocates

Protest Chicago –

Protest Chicago is a resource that DePaul students can visit if they are looking for non-violent protest events in and around Chicago. This site can provide useful information such as meeting locations, safety tips, and transportation updates. You may also subscribe to rss feed updates to stay informed on protests in your area as they are happening. 

Red Cross Chicago –

With Students looking for ways to help in this time, now is a great time to be reminded of the constant need for Blood Donations in order to help those in need of transfusions. The Red Cross is still very much operational and operating under strict sanitary guidelines to make blood donation as safe as possible. This site can give you all the info you need on how, when and where to donate blood. 

Chicago Food Depository –

Through this organization, DePaul students who are looking to help can donate money, food, and work to feed Chicago’s hungry. Volunteer work at their packing and distribution facility has been suspended amid the current situation, but they are still accepting donations of non-perishable food, as well as funds to continue operation.

Social Justice Resource Center –

The Social Justice Resource Center fits well with DePaul’s Vincentian values as a religious organization looking to promote social justice. Their website can provide information regarding events as well as resources for people suffering social, economic, or domestic injustice.

Chicago Bond Fund

In the wake of these protests, many of the people who are arrested will be financially unable to post bail. If you would like to help Chicago area protesters with their bail payments, The Chicago Community Bond Fund is taking donations. The funds they raise go not only towards paying the bond of individuals arrested for protesting, but also for those in Cook County arrested for non-violent crimes. Their organization also seeks to change City policy regarding Bail payments so as to ensure that arrested individuals, regardless of financial standing, can have a chance to post bail.

National Lawyers Guild Chicago –

DePaul Students looking to educate themselves on the legality of protests, as well as specific updates regarding the arrests and charges laid against protesters in Chicago can visit this website. This organization is also looking for volunteers who are willing and able to provide legal counsel to those arrested for protesting. 

Teachers For Justice

Not only students, but also staff at DePaul are interested in Social Justice. This website has specific information regarding Teacher Focused protests, events, and meetups. Teachers can also use this website as a resource when trying to introduce social justice into their curriculum. 

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