Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Guide for Pasta Dishes

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Guide for Pasta Dishes

To follow this guide pick an item in each step 


Step 1. BASE (add this to the water while boiling pasta for more flavor)


-bone broth (adds protein to your meal)

-chicken or veggie broth (flavor)

-milk (makes the dish creamier)

-tomato sauce or soup (great start for Italian type dishes) 

-liquid from canned beans or veggies (you won’t have to salt your dish later)


Step 2. Pasta 


-Penne or Rotini (you can’t go wrong – pairs well with everything)

-Fettuccini (pair with creamier sauces/ mixtures)

-Orzo (thinner sauces or if your aiming for soup)

-Orecchiette (veggie heavy dishes)

-Shells/Bowties (cheesy)


Step 3. Additions

– Beans (if you keep the dish’s liquid minimal this can become a pasta salad)

-Veggies (I include onions; but tomatoes, peas or hot peppers work canned or fresh)

-Meat (always cook chicken, seafood, or bacon in a pan on the side FIRST before adding)

– Cheese (don’t get crazy, but if you’re turning it into a comfort food mix it up with different types; a little cream cheese will evolve your dish into a creamy masterpiece)


Step 4. Extra Flavor (Optional)

-fresh herbs (consider parsley, basil, or cilantro)

-lemon juice (less is more)

-extra spices (garlic powder, hot pepper flakes, onion powder, etc.)



My secret super tool in the kitchen is my rice cooker! I’ve used it for gumbo, gourmet mac and cheese, stews, sauces, etc. There’s plenty of space to add ingredients and no physical flame so it’s great for safe cooking in small spaces.  (Consider making larger pasta dishes in one)

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