At-Home Project: Coffee Filter Flowers!

At-Home Project: Coffee Filter Flowers!

Project: Coffee Filter Flowers

Looking at the same scenery day after day can get pretty drab, and we’re seeing the worst of that now in self-quarantine. What’s the solution? Decorating! Today, let’s look at a simple project to add some unique décor to change up your home! You won’t need anything complicated – the primary ingredient here will be your run-of-the-mill coffee filters. As it turns out, coffee filters are really handy materials for crafty projects, and they’re especially good at making one thing: artificial flowers!


First things first, this great idea comes from a bunch of sources as a fun DIY project, but we’re specifically looking at [link] this article [/link] ( It’s got a variety of great guides depending on your skill level and materials! Today, we’re gonna look at the most basic: all you’re gonna need are coffee filters, scissors, and something to hold the filters together, like paper fasteners. In the end, you’ll get some lovely crafted flowers that you can use to decorate your home!


Step one: grab about 10-15 coffee filters. After making one flower, you should get a sense for if you’d like more or less “petals” for your flower.

Step two: It’s time to cut them out; here’s where you can get a bit creative and give them a special look, varying the points of the petals. If you’re going for a classic Camellia, though, go for a petaled, rounded shape, like this:

Step three: Using something like a paper fastener (you know, those things on envelopes that poke through a hole and then lay flat?), you want to pin all the coffee filters through the center. If you don’t have paper fasteners on hand, you can get creative! Staples in the center should work in a pinch.

Step four: using your fingers, scrunch up the petals! Make sure that you start separating the layers, so that the flower has a bit of depth.

And then you’re done! That’s really all there is to it; and once you’re done, you have a cute decoration to put somewhere in your home!

If you’d like to add a splash of personalization, try adding a bit of dye to the filters before cutting them! Mix some craft paint and water and let part of the filters soak; then, you’ll have little homemade flowers in whatever color you’d like!

Hope you all have fun with this! Remember to stay safe out there, and don’t forget to tend to that creative spark from time to time!


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