Coffin Shelf

The Halloween season is approaching! Get out the pumpkins and bats. Here is a home decor tutorial fit for a king… a vampire king!


This project was inspired by Batbones’ project so check this video out if you are unsure about anything.




Wood (I used two by fours, plywood, and scrap wood)


Staple Gun

Paint (black)



Metal Brackets (90 degrees)

Screw Driver/ or Drill


*optional* – wire / hook for hanging









1st – Trace a coffin shape the size you would like on your biggest piece of wood.



2nd – Use a hand saw to cut along the outline



3rd – Stretch the fabric across the coffin cut out and staple to the back





4th – Next,  line up wood around the edges, mark and cut pieces to create a border

5th – Paint your wood pieces black




6th – Attach the border. I clamped the outside pieces down to hold everything in place. Drill little holes through the back of the coffin wood border before putting in the screws.

7th – Measure straight across the coffin for shelf length, and cut more wood according to the measurements.


8th – Use metal brackets to hold up the shelves (I had to clamp mine and hit it with a hammer to fit the weird angles in the coffin.





You’re Done! 


*I didn’t hang up my shelf but if you’d like, add wire or a hook to the back of your coffin

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Meg Moore
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