DePaul Kids

Image showing 16 different minecraft biomes




Participants will learn about digital prototyping, architecture and biomes through a 5- week workshop course.  This is open to any DePaul employee’s children ages 7-12.

Students will learn about 3D design, digital prototype and material prototyping, biomes and architecture via the lense of Minecraft and Legos. This will lead to the student creating legos that will be 3D printed.

We will be using Minecraft (version 26.95), Legos and household items needed for the diorama.

Biome Diorama

Students will be able to create diorama based on a biome of their choosing or imagination.

3D Printed Lego

Students will create legos to be 3D printed for thier final project.

Syllabus and Sign-up information coming soon.
If you have any questions please email