DePaul Kids Program


Design in


Saving Orangutans

Participants will learn about ecosystems, conservation, design, architecture and orangutans through a 6- week workshop course.  This is open to any DePaul employee’s children ages 7-12.

Students will learn about 3D design, digital prototype , biomes and architecture via the use of Minecraft. This will lead to the students creating and building a nature reserve for the conservation of Orangutans in Indonesia.

We will be using Minecraft Education Edition,  and household items.

Creating at Home

Students will be able to create with household materials.

Papercraft Orangutan (from Cannon Creative)

Students will receive paper craft models of Orangutans to fold and decorate.

Spring Quarter Syllabus and Resources

DePaul Kid’s Program: Conservation and Biomes

Spring 2021 

Running Dates and Times:  

Meeting times will be from 3:30 PM to 4:45 PM, Optional Tuesdays and weekly Thursdays

Contact Information and Instructors:

Staff and Instructors: Andres Lagunas, Maddie Fernandez, Declan Cavanaugh

To contact us:

Zoom Link: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

    Password: irl


We aim to promote Take Care DePaul by taking care of DePaul community members and their families in a COVID-compliant virtual space. 


We aspire to supplement the education of children and promote higher education at an early age. Children’s social and creative development are the primary focus of the program, allowing for students to engage with one another in a creative, virtual, stress-free space. 


We will be targeting students in the 7-12 age range. However, we can work with students a little younger and older than listed above depending on the child’s knowledge and comfort level with materials. 



The program will take place over the course of 6 weeks. Students will meet with the same IRL employees week after week. Industry professionals may also be included in the curriculum to supplement the lessons (as needed).



  1. Students will expand their social network by learning alongside new peers, DePaul students, and field experts.
  2. Students will be able to connect concepts and lessons to real-world examples centered around biodiversity and biomes.
  3. Students will develop their creative problem-solving skills through various projects in Minecraft Education.
  4. Students will know how to prototype using physical and digital tools. 


Curriculum & After School Outline* 

*This curriculum and outlines are subject to change based on class interest and skills, we will do our best to be accommodating to any needs. 


Week 1: Ecosystems

Self paced: What are ecosystems?

What are ecosystems?, Date: April 22nd

  • Lesson: Introductions and Course expectations
  • Activity: Make a Mangrove
  • Closing: What did we learn about managing an ecosystem?


Week 2: In Illinois 

Self Paced: 

  • Activity
    • Explore ecosystems in Illinois 
    • Find picture of favourite ecosystem in Illinois 


Learning about Illinois species, Date: April 29th

  • Lesson: Biomes
  • Activity: Continue exploring different biomes in Minecraft Education.
  • Closing: Any last minute comments? What are we taking away?


Week 3: Research and Design

Self Paced

  • Activity:
    • Open a new world where students get to explore animals to pick from and build an enclosure or rehabilitation center for. 
    • Explore world and pick animal

In class:

  • Design principles, design for nature and biomimicry lectures
  • Do research on chosen animal
  • Start building!. 


Week 4:Build!

Self Paced

  • Work on build

In class:

  • Work on build and share


Week 5: Build!

Self Paced

  • Activity: Continue designing a reserve for the animals you’ve chosen to keep threats away while also caring for the villagers. 

Last week to Build, Date: May 20th

  • Lesson: Designing a nature reserve in Minecraft.
  • Activity: Troubleshooting and building together as a community.
  • Closing: What has been a challenge in building the reserve?


Week 6: A debrief on our work

Self Paced

  • Activity: Put the finishing touches on the reserve. 

Presentations, Date: May 27th

  • Activity: Using WorkAdventure or Zoom to show off final projects in gallery style and show our 3D printed builds* (subject to change, we are hopeful this can be done)

Closing: Wrapping up





Week: Activity Resources:
Week 1
  • Making a mangrove
  • What is an ecosystem?
Week 2
  • Exploring Biomes using Minecraft Lessons
  • Find picture of favorite biome 
  • Exploring the Earth through time and learning about extinction.
Week 3
  • Learn about design principles,design with nature and design for nature 
  • Pick our animal to work with
  • See website for screencap video on Minecraft EDU and selected lessons to play
Week 4
  • Build!
  • Review what a reserve is and start a hosted world. 
Week 5
  • Catch up building for those that missed days/ weeks.
Week 6
  • Add finishing touches as needed to the reserve.