DIY Bottle Cap Pin

Some bottle caps have designs that you want to carry around with you,

and after this tutorial you will be able to do just that!


A couple of materials you will need include:

a bottle cap

a marker

a hammer

safety pins.


  1. Make sure that your safety pins are long enough to go through the bottle cap and connect. You’d hate to make the holes on the bottle cap only to find that the safety pin is not long enough.


2. Then, mark two spots on the inside of the bottle cap where you want the safety pin to pass through. This can be tricky and you may later find out you have to move the markings. That is okay, just do what works best for you. The markings should be straight ahead from one another.



3. Grab a nail and place it against the marking. If you have another person around, maybe have them grab the bottle cap so that it makes it easier for you to pierce it.



4. Grab the hammer and push the nail through. This will not require too much effort on your part as you want to have the nail pierce the bottle cap just enough for the needle of the safety pin to pass through. That being said, all you really need is a small hole. 



5. Do the same thing on the other marking. 



6. Pass the safety pin through. If it does not pass through both markings, just create another marking and do the process again, this time in place where you know the safety pin will reach.



7. That’s it! Enjoy your new bottle cap pin.

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Maddie Fernandez
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