DIY Earth Day Seed Starters. Happy Earth Day!

DIY Earth Day Seed Starters. Happy Earth Day!

As we celebrate Earth day in isolation for the first time, we are reminded of what the Earth does for us and maybe what we can do for it. While it is a great time for deep reflection, it’s also still possible to engage in action such as educating yourself on environmental issues, or planting seeds! In this earth day themed blog we will go over how to successfully start seeds.


Seedling Startup Project Overview:

Welcome Spring! As the weather grows warmer and the sun shines longer each day, plants in all forms start blooming. This makes a lot of us want to grow plants of all sorts. In quarantine it might be a better idea to start your own seeds than to go out and buy new plants. For those of us who have no luck with seed starter kits this blog will give some tips and tricks as well as a picture tutorial on how to kickstart your seeds. We will build a mini greenhouse using common household items. 



  • Seeds
  • Dirt
  • Plastic bag
  • Paper towel or napkin
  • Water
  • Container for plant


  1. Place Seeds onto paper towel about an inch or so apart
  2. Spray towel with water to moisten it.

3. Place seeds on a moist towel onto a plastic bag.4. Seal bag almost all the way. This will act as a mini greenhouse to allow for the plants to breathe and obtain water and heat to grow more quickly. 5. Wait 5-9 days or until you see germination.

6. Transfer plants into containers of choice with 1-3 inches of dirt and water. (I chose an empty egg carton)

7. Once the seedling has grown 2-3 inches tall, transplant into a larger container. Continue to give it water and sunlight appropriate for its species.

8. I like to place a small plastic bag overnight to maintain heat until it has grown past a month.

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