DIY Eggshell Chalk

DIY Eggshell Chalk

Now that the weather is warming up we all will want to spend time outside, especially children. As we all need to be socially distancing and isolating, making your own chalk is a great idea to keep yourself and children busy while making materials for a solo-outdoors activity. This chalk also will save a trip to the store to buy chalk by making it yourself and will make your egg usage zero-waste in a fun way! This chalk is very easy to make and takes few ingredients. It should be noted that it should not be used on blackboards unless eggshells are finely powdered using a blender or a mortar to avoid scratching. 


*All picture credits to Kidspot


You will need:


  • 6 eggshells
  • 1 teaspoon flour
  • 1-3 teaspoon hot water
  • Food dye or natural dye from boiling vegetables
  • Napkin, newspaper or paper towel




1. Collect eggshells over weeks of using eggs, clean thoroughly and make sure to remove the membrane when washing. 

2. Once you have accumulated 6 or more eggshells crush the eggshells using a rock and non scratch surface, blender, or mortar and pedestal. 

3. Once the eggshells are finely crushed, set aside. This may take a while depending on your method. 

4. The ratio of flour to eggshell powder should be 1 teaspoon of flour to 1 tablespoon of eggshell. This will serve for one chalk piece, you can make as many pieces as desired. The remaining eggshell powder can be added to plant soil that needs calcium as a nutrient.   



5. Add hot water to flour and mix until paste forms, then add eggshell powder. 

6. Add food coloring or natural dye until desired color is reached. 

7. Mix until paste is not crumbly and is sticking together in desired form. If it is not add hot water until it sticks.

8. You can place chalk into molds of choosing, roll out and use cookie cutters, roll into chalk tubes using hands, use ice cube trays, whatever! Be creative 🙂

9. Place chalk onto a paper towel or newspaper  and roll to maintain shape and set tp dry. If used another shape. Just wedge the piece between two sheets and sheet to dry for 1 -3 days. 

Enjoy using it on sidewalks!


For more on the science check out this blog: 


Children’s Museum Saturday Science: Eggshell Chalk

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