DIY: Fast Bleach Tie Dye

DIY: Fast Bleach Tie Dye

Bleaching clothes is coming back into style. There are hundreds of tutorials on youtube and tik tok; but here is one that you can easily do at home with some black clothes and cleaning products.


I love this style because bleaching black fabric gives you a rusty orange color that stands out and gets me excited for Halloween.







Black clothing (cotton)

Rubber Bands


Cleaning Solution




  1. Create/twist spirals into your shirt and hold in place with rubber bands
    (like you would regular tie dye)




2. Spray the cleaner onto the shirt and and let it sit for 5 minutes
(no longer than this! Even diluted bleach will destroy material if it’s left for too long)






3. Rinse out completely with cold water





4. Hang to Air Dry



Super Fast Bleach Tie-Dye #diy #indoorlooks #learnontiktok #fyp

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