DIY Hand Painted Jacket

DIY Hand Painted Jacket

Whether you are looking for a new hobby or just another way to pass the time, painting straight onto denim jackets can be a fun way to get creative and express yourself! 


Here’s a list of materials you’ll need to get started: a denim jacket, acrylic paint, gac 900, paint brushes, a paint marker, and a poster board (optional).

1. Start by using a buttoning up the jacket and getting it to lay as flat as possible. This can be done by ironing it out once it is buttoned up so that all the wrinkles are taken out. Also, if you do have a poster board or flat surface of some sort like a box, place it inside of the jacket so that it makes the jacket as flat as possible.


2. Once that is done, identify where you want to paint on the jacket. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be focusing on the back of the jacket. 


3. Now that you have identified where you will be painting, mix your paint in a jar or within the bottle of paint itself with gac 900. A good tip if you are unsure on how much to add is to do a 2:1 ratio of paint to gac 900, respectively. 


4. Lay a flat layer of white paint onto the surface of the jacket. You may realize you will have to do another coat as the fabric will soak in your paint in different areas. That is okay, just don’t oversaturate the jacket as you will still need to add other colors to it for your design.


5. Then, sketch with a fabric marker or another writing utensil of some sort how your design will lay on the jacket. This takes time so go slow as it lays the groundwork for when you actually start to paint.


6. Now, begin to fill in your design with paint. Make sure every paint has gac 900 as this will help it adhere to the fabric and increase its duration on the jacket. 

7. Let it dry for an hour before checking up on it. If you have a hair dryer, set it on the lowest setting and lightly pass over the paint a couple of times about six inches away so that you do not damage the paint nor the fabric. Give it time to cure even with the hair dryer. There really is no correct way to know just when your design will be ready so just keep checking up on it and adding passes with a hair dryer if you have one. 


8. Finally, once it dries you are all set. If you are wondering how to wash it so that you preserve your design, there’s a couple of ways to go about this. If washing with a machine, set the machine to the lightest settings and turn the fabric inside out. You can hand wash, and this will allow you to be lighter on pressure when working near and on the design. 

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