DIY Mask Making

DIY Mask Making


DIY Mask Making



  • Sewing machine or needle/thread
  • 100% cotton tight-knit fabric
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin or hook
  • Iron


1.   Wash your 100% cotton fabric in hot water and dry using high heat

2.   Cut fabric to a 15“ x 8“ rectangle



3.   Sew quarter-inch edges on both sides



4.   Fold inside-out



5.   Iron the folds we’ve just made



6.   Flip it inside out and create a fold about an inch from the top-this is where the filter will be inserted



7.   With a 1-inch crease line we will sew around the four edges



8.   Time to make our pleats! Make three pleats so our mask is roughly 3 inches wide. Pin the pleats in place using a safety pin or a bulldog clip.



9.   Iron pleats



10.    Sew a 1-inch bias strip to both sides of the mask (this will be a channel for our elastic)



11.   Unfold the bias strip and fold over twice



12.   Sew the channel shut as close to the inner edges as possible



13.   Cut two elastic pieces to 9 1/2 inches long. Using a safety pin or hook, pull your elastic through both channels




14.    Take both edges of the elastic and tie a knot. Feed the knot into the channel of your mask so it is hidden



15.   Using your scissors trim any excess thread



16.   Lastly, wash your masks in hot water and dry. Enjoy!



If you can’t find any elastic, don’t worry! Here are some alternative materials you can use:

  • Cotton shoelaces
  • T-shirt yarn (click here for a tutorial)
  • If neither of those work, you can also make straps from the same cotton you used for the main piece


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Tyler Bogartz-Brown
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