Preserve Flowers for Crafts

Preserve Flowers for Crafts

Flowers are great in gardens and bouquets but they have a short lifespan.

Here are my two favorite ways to preserve their beauty for crafts and decorations.



*Do not put your flowers in a vase with water! They need to be as dry as possible*





This will flatten the flowers and create great materials for 2D crafts like cards and bookmarks.

(Works best with small flowers or petals)

Materials :
-wax or parchment paper
-heavy objects


  1. line up flowers, petals, and leaves between two sheets of wax or parchment paper
  2. Put the wax paper between the pages of a book and stack books or other objects on top
  3. Leave everything in a dry area and wait 1 to 2 weeks






This will allow the flowers to retain more volume
(great for larger flowers like roses and flowers that have more moisture)



  1. Keep the stems on and tie the flowers together by the stems. You can use string, twine, wire, rubber bands, anything that will keep them from slipping out while they’re hanging
  2. Hang the bunch upside down (flowers towards the ground) from a hook or a coat hanger.
  3. Leave in a dry place (time depends on the moisture in the room or the flowers but at-least 3 weeks)


We made a quick video guide as well


1. Pressing 2. Hanging 🌸 #diy #diyproject #littlethings #learnontiktok #got2bhome #fyp

♬ original sound – irl2dpu

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