DIY: Turning Bar Soap into Liquid Soap

DIY: Turning Bar Soap into Liquid Soap

This tutorial will show you how to make approximately ½ gallon of liquid soap out of 4 oz. of bar soap overnight. It only requires about 30 minutes of hands-on time, and you can find most (if not all) the materials you will need in your house. Here’s what you will need:



  • 1 large pot
  • ½ gallon of water
  • Large spoon
  • 4 oz. of bar soap 
  • Soap dispenser
  • Knife or cheese grater
  • Cutting board


Optional Materials

  • Essential oils (for added fragrance), Vitamin E oil (skincare), Glycerin (moisturizing), Soap coloring
  • Funnel



  1. Heat the ½ gallon of water to a boil in your pot

2. While the water is boiling, grate or finely chop the soap (I chose to grate the soap, but you can chop it into small pieces with a knife if you prefer. Either way, breaking the soap into small pieces is key)

3. Once the water reaches its boiling point, remove the pot from the heat and/or place it on a cutting board or hot pad

4. Add the grated soap to the water and stir the mixture with a wooden spoon until all the soap is dissolved.

5. Give it about 15-20 minutes to cool off, then mix it again

6. Cover and wait for the mixture to congeal. This may take 12-24 hours. (I chose to transfer the mixture to another bowl, but that’s not necessary).

Note: If the consistency of the mixture is too liquidy, you can reheat it and add more soap. If the consistency is too thick, you can reheat it and add more water.


7. If you are adding any oils or glycerin, do this once the mixture is congealed. For each half gallon, add 4 tbsp. of Vitamin E oil, 4 tbsp. of glycerin, or 8 drops of an essential oil.


8. Mix the soap well, and pour it into your storage containers (depending on what you are using, you may want to use a funnel at this stage).


9. Enjoy!



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