The Easiest Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

The Easiest Ways to Freshen Up Your Wardrobe

Tired of looking in your closet and having “nothing to wear”?
We all have clothes but it’s natural to feel
uninspired after wearing the same things over and over.
You don’t have to be a fashion designer to transform your style.
Here is a list of quick and simple ways to bring new life to old clothes. 


1. Different Laces


Up your shoe game by swapping out the laces.
Bright or patterned laces can give a pop of color to your look.


If you don’t have extra shoe laces alternate ideas are:

  • Ribbon (for a soft look)
  • Parachute Cord 




*fun tip* add charms or necklace pieces onto the string for a cute detail




2. Mix and Match
(Color Blocking)



Cut up old t-shirts, hoodies, or button ups that are the same size.
Switch out sleeves and sections and sew them back together to
create one of a kind looks.
Color blocking isn’t a new trend, but the runway for fall 2020 saw it pop up again.
Take this opportunity inside to be ready for next school year.





3. Cropping / Layering


Don’t get rid of your old long sleeve shirts! Try layering these under t-shirts
or summer clothes like tank tops and dresses.
This will allow you to wear your favorite July wardrobe through fall. 


Also considering cropping shirts that fit incorrectly or look dated.
Whether you hem the edge or keep the cut raw. Cropping is the fastest way to “flip” a look. 


*another idea*

turning jeans into cut off shorts is a fun way to get ready for summer 




4. Bleaching

This is a quick way to lighten up your jeans or shirts. 


Protect the parts of the denim you don’t want bleached with plastic bags and duct tape
mix one part bleach to one part water and apply.  (wash in cold water)


*Tip* Use a spray bottle or paintbrush for more controlled designs 






5. Consider alternative Belt Options


Leather belts are great, but adding new textures into your look can give your style a new dimension. The material you use will give off different tones. 


  • Twine = Rough
  • Thin scarves = Soft / Bold
  • Chain = Industrial
  • Measuring Tape = Fun


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