Free Wellness Apps

Free Wellness Apps

Workout Apps:




These include various apps for a variety of workout types. Downdog creates randomized workouts that are tailored to your preferences. There are options for intensity, length, muscle group and have options for injuries.  It has a lot of music options as well as length, allowing for a customizable experience that can be easier to fit into a busy schedule. Weights are not needed in any workout. While you can save workouts that you enjoyed, you cannot remove a certain exercise from reappearing nor save exercise that you enjoyed for further workouts. It is compatible with Google Fit. 


To get it free until July 1st go to Downdog For Schools.





Nike has made their premium training club free until further notice. There is no special login required for students. Nike’s training apps have a large variety of workouts from yoga to body weight to workouts utilizing equipment. There is something to meet everyone’s needs. Premium content is led by well known professionals, giving your workout a boost. Workouts range in between 15 to 45 minutes and offer individual personalization. Every workout will lead to further recommendations. Both apps are compatible with Google Fit. 




Calm is offering a resource page including guided meditations on topics of sleep, gratitude, and stress relief. They offer masterclasses, journal prompts, calendars of activities, and sleep stories among other things. While the app is not free- this collection of resources is expansive and helpful for those seeking mental health activities that they can do on their own when it fits best with their schedule. 



This is their site, Calm Blog 




New platform aiming to deeply personalize meditation and stress management based on lifestyle questionnaires you fill out. They are offering a one year free subscription during the COVID-19 quarantine but do not yet offer it on Android devices. To access and download Balance, you must first download the app and email for further instructions. 






Another meditation based service, Sanvello offers free premium content for all. Download the app for access! Sanvello is different from the other apps as it also features Peer-Support, Coaching And Therapy aside from Self-care Strategies. This provides more options for people and the therapy services are covered by many insurances. Click on the link to their homepage below for more information.


Sanvello: Home

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