How to replace a zipper on shorts

How to replace a zipper on shorts

You will need:


-sewing machine


-seam zipper

  • Take a picture of how the original zipper is placed in your garment before using a seam ripper to remove it from the garment.
  • Use a seam zipper to cut through the stitch line on the zipper until it is free from the garment. Pull off any loose threads. 
  • Take a new zipper (make sure it works) and place it in the same place as the previous one. Once it is where you need it to be, use pins to hold in place, taking care not to pin both sides of your garment together. You will need your zipper to be unzipped for this part as one side will go on one side of the crotch and the other on the other side.

  • Once it is in place, start sewing on one side. Make sure the sewing machine has low tension and there is little spacing between stitches. Sew with at least ¼ of an inch away from the zipper edge. Start at the top of the unzipped zipper before the zipper head and sew all the way down until ¼ of where the metal clasp will be. 
  • Repeat on the other side. Once at the bottom turn the garment 90 degrees and do a small stitch along the bottom of the zipper. Once you have done this try it on and you are done!
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