How to Save Money on Entertainment

How to Save Money on Entertainment

How to Save Money on Entertainment

  1. Buy rush tickets or tickets on discount sites- 
    1. Many places offer tickets an hour or two before the show starts at a discounted price. These can be found at the theater sometimes, but also at discount ticket booths. In Chicago, there is one of these booths down the street from the row of theaters (in Block 37). 
    2. There are several different discount ticket websites such as Goldstar, which finds you discount and sometimes free tickets to events. I got discount theater tickets and a free ticket to a concert from them! Obviously what you find is hit or miss sometimes, but definitely a good site to check out.


2. Groupon- Groupon offers discounts on entertainment and experiences, goods, and now they even have a cash back option at some restaurants with Groupon+. Groupon+ is free and all you have to do is link a card to the account and pay the bill with that card. I saved $10 on my first meal using Groupon+. 


3. Free Museum Days- For these you have to be a resident of the state or the city that the museum is in, but this is a great opportunity to go to the great museums in your area and the days are frequent and publicized often. Because the museum is free it will be more crowded than normal, so be prepared for that. You may have to get there before the museum opens to get a good place in line and be able to see some of the museum before it gets super crowded.


4. Do things during the week and not during peak hours- Several businesses discount their services slightly during the week over the weekend. The best example of this is the movie theater. AMC does a $5 Tuesday movie day. Also the matinee shows and shows early during the day are cheaper than the evening movies.

    1. BONUS TIP: For the movies- bring a bag and bring your own popcorn and snacks. You can even bring a drink in. I have done this for years and I have never had to pay for overpriced snacks at the theater.


5. Volunteer- Some venues look for ushers through the general public. My family who was visiting from New Mexico got to see a Blue Man Group performance for free because they ushered the show!

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