How To Set Up A Study Space

How To Set Up A Study Space


Hello everyone! Welcome to another blog post about helping to create structure in your daily lives while we’re living in quarantine. Are you finding it difficult to create a study space for yourself now that you don’t have access to the libraries, study rooms or buildings? 


Understandable! In this brief tutorial, I’ll be talking about the best ways to  set up a study space so you can get your brain back into academic mode. 


Setting up a study space is more than just giving you a place to get your work done. It’s also a great way to get you into the productive headspace to get your assignments done, do your best work and keep on track despite our remote situation! It also helps to prevent procrastination so you can get right back to fun pastimes! 


Some Important Things Right Off The Bat


Creating a study space is subjective, and differs based upon the person who’s making it. Some of these tips might just not work for everyone reading this post- and that’s totally okay! This is what has worked well for me personally, and I hope you can find some benefit in it as well! 


So Let’s Get Started!


  • Your bed is not a great idea for a study space. Your brain naturally associates your bed with relaxing, sleeping and taking a break. Though some people are great at getting work done while on their bed, it’s a great idea to get removed from the “relax mindset” if you want to get work done. 
  • Having access to a sturdy chair and table/desk goes without saying, but I’ll just say it again! If you have to stand, try standing on something soft like a yoga mat or rug – standing for too long does get tiring. 
  • Make sure that you’re studying somewhere with good lighting! Lighting affects your attention span and will also impact how tired you are at a given moment. 


Some Other Things To Remember – Limit Distractions!


Lots of us have various things we enjoy that could also, unfortunately, serve as distractions. Identify your distractions as you start to set this space up! Are they digital like social media or video games? Are they physical? Once you identify these, set them aside and remind yourself that they can be accessed at a later time. Getting into a study mindset isn’t easy, but it’s worth it in the long run! If you’re having an especially difficult time, there are some free apps I’d recommend for staying away from digital distractions. Examples include:


  • Boosted : Productivity and Time Tracker – This app allows you to organize your projects into smaller tasks, time track your activities, view the amount of time you work on a project and keep detailed reports of tracked time. Perfect for keeping track of how productive you are. 
  • Brain Focus Productivity Timer – This app is meant to help you with time management! You can use this to start a work session, group tasks into categories and block certain apps from being a distraction. 
  • Forest: Stay Focused – With this app, you can identify the apps you wanted to “block” when you need to stay focused. The app has you plant “digital trees” that will grow as the time you spend studying goes by. If you leave the app as your work timer is still going, the tree will die. Forest also gives you a daily, weekly and monthly statistical breakdown of how much time you’re spending studying!


Have Access To Your Needed Materials As Soon As You Start!


In order to avoid wasting time on getting things together and so you can keep momentum going, have everything set up so you can start and go! Grab all your needed materials- laptop, charger, notebook, writing materials, anything else you might need and set it out in front of your workspace in front of you. 


If You Really Want To Get Into It…


If you’ve created a study space that you really enjoy- don’t forget to get comfortable, especially if you’re getting ready to go go go! Get some snacks and something to drink so you don’t have to spend too much time getting up and being about if you want to lose steam. 


For some of you, having headphones is great to listen to music to for less distractions! 


Other Important Notes for Success!


  • Make sure that your space is ergonomic. Try not to slouch. Keep your feet placed on the floor, or comfortably! Remember to be eye level with your screen to prevent any cricks in your neck!
  • Take a break every 30-60 minutes. It improves your creativity and helps you think better! You deserve it!


Make the best out of the space you’ve created for yourself and you’re on the right path to success and productivity! You’ve got this!

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