Mission & Values

Learn what makes us tick.
The Idea Realization Lab is a student-driven initiative to promote the pursuit of thinking through making within the DePaul community. By providing tools and the space in which to use them, the IRL creates opportunity for people to practice their crafts, to share their knowledge, and to explore new interests from 3D printing to sewing to woodworking.
The IRL’s mission is to foster collaboration and an attitude of learning through doing. The IRL encourages people to build confidence in their problem-solving skills, while working in an environment that they can engage with and make their own. We seek to break the boundaries of major, coursework, and prerequisite study that so often prevents students, as well as faculty and staff, from freely experimenting and doing new things without academic or professional pressure.

By providing machines and materials at no charge to students, we at the IRL hope to cultivate a student-led environment of experimentation and creation not seen anywhere else on campus.