Project Storage

Keep your stuff safe.

The Idea Realization Lab maintains storage bin space for student projects, so you don’t need to carry your stuff back and forth every day. We do ask that you keep your supplies contained in your bin and not stacked on top, out of courtesy for other students.

Storage Bin Policy

Bin checkout is first come, first serve. Reservations occur on a quarterly basis, lasting only until the last day of the quarter.

You may choose to renew your reservation for the next quarter or clear out your bin before the quarter ends. Reminders to do so will be sent via email as finals week approaches.

If a bin is not renewed for the following quarter by the deadline sent via email, that bin will be emptied, and any materials inside will be taken as a donation to the space during the following school break.

Bin Reservation

To reserve a bin for the first time, or to renew an existing reservation for the next quarter, please fill out the form below.


If you are reserving a bin for the first time, please speak to an IRL employee in person to claim an empty bin.

Reserve a bin here!