Screen Printing

Turn your 2D ideas into 3D reality.


Screen printing presents minimal danger and does not require authorization, though we do offer guided workshops. Be mindful when using the heat gun to avoid burns.

Screen Printing Equipment

Printing/Registration Presses

  • Six-color manual printing press
  • One-color manual printing presses
  • Heat press machine for vinyl transfer


  • 4 10″ x 14″ screens, 160 mesh
  • 2 12″ x 18″ screens, 160 mesh
  • 6 17″ x 21″ screens, 160 mesh


  • Graphic squeegees
  • Fabric squeegees

Provided Materials and Software

Available Materials

We keep a variety of water-based fabric inks on hand, though we do not keep t-shirts in the space. You must bring in your own inks and shirts if you plan to sell them. 

  • Assorted scrap fabrics for testing designs
  • Speedball screen printing ink (for both fabric and paper)
  • 4” Brayers/rollers
  • Heat gun for ink curing
  • Spray adhesive
  • Acetate sheets
  • Acrylic sheets for mixing ink
  • Various matte paper sheets


At the IRL, we use vinyl cutters to cut out vinyl transfer films and masks for screen printing, instead of using a photo-emulsion process as it is much faster and cleaner. If you’re interested in screen printing, you’ll definitely want to check out our Vinyl Cutting and Textiles and Sewing areas, too.

Machine Instructions

If you need a refresher after your workshop, visit our Machine Instructions page for workshop syllabi.