Industrial Design Major Wood Materials Class’ final projects

Industrial Design Major Wood Materials Class’ final projects

Over winter quarter, out of various courses offered in CDM’s new industrial design program, which includes a major and a minor, students had the opportunity to take a materials and processes course on wood. The course: ID 210 (a 2-credit course) was taught by Brian Johnson. Students learnt about the biology of wood for the first couple weeks and then jumped into the design process leading up to the final project. Students also got to do hands on learning through using select tools provided by the Idea Realization Labs.

Being an online course posed challenges for students as they were not able to use more precise tools in the Idea Realization Labs and instead had to use tools provided by the labs at home. Kits were put together by IRL staff members and sent out to students in the course. Among the tools used were coping saws, drills and hand held sanders. Students may have not been able to use the lab space but participated in weekly class meetings and lectures to discuss tool usage and tool troubleshooting. The end result from the course was a phone stand that each student designed, and then built over the course of six weeks.

The prompt of a phone stand allowed for a large array of designs from students including a car phone mount. Below are some examples of student’s projects. 

Designer: Tyler Bogartz-Brown
Car mount phone stand created by DePaul Student Tyler Bogartz-Brown
Designer: Tyler Bogartz-Brown
White and striped phone holder designed by student Gabe Rickabaugh.
Designer: Gabe Rickabaugh
Designer: Gabe Rickabaugh
Designer: Maddie Fernandez
Designer: Maddie Fernandez
Designer: Meg Moore

 Other forms of the materials and process course are offered throughout the year in other materials such as metals, and plastics. For more information on the Industrial design major/minor at CDM check this site out

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