Tomorrow marks the start of Inktober – a month long drawing challenge where participants draw something new each day!

This year we’re posting some alternative prompt lists for participants! While Inktober initially began as a fun challenge for artists, the original creator Jake Parker has plagiarized content from artists Alphonso Dunn for his book on Inktober. You can learn more about Dunn’s situation here.

Alphonso Dunn is an artist an art instructor who encourages three maxims:

  1. Be the best you possible
  2. Help who you can along the way
  3. Try to leave the world a better place than you saw it

Thankfully many Twitter artists have banded together to create new prompt lists for interested parties!

Here are a few prompt lists for interested parties:

– Want to draw your original characters this month? Try this list.
– Would you like to have a chill, no-stress Inktober? Take a look at this!
– How about a list with some days off? Check this one!
– What about a prompt list made by our very own Depaul Animation Lodge? Do it!

If you’d like to support Alphonso Dunn’s work, you can find this Pen and Ink book here and his Youtube page where he has incredible videos to help artists improve from any level.

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3 years ago

I want to do this.

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