Mysterious Works by Latinx Artists

Mysterious Works by Latinx Artists

Now that it’s both Latinx Heritage month and Spooky Season, we’re ending this week with the best of both worlds. Here are some pieces by latinx artists with creepy elements like snakes, skulls, and more.



*none of this work is ours, we are showcasing our favorite artists and the rights belong to them





Ilse Valfré


Nothing says spooky like this LA artist who’s trademark styles are her dark dolly designs. Her 2013 brand Valfré, prints on everything from shirts to phone cases and creates free fun coloring pages.





This brand also helps activists and raises money for causes they care about .












Jennifer Dahbura




This Salvadorian artist designs for home decor company Society6. Jennifer’s art is known for having a mystical feeling that combines the past and the unknown.










Carmen Pizarro





This NY based Mexican/Chilean artist is all about girl power. She draws eye catching imperfect women that are filled with power. This October she has already been posting creepy art inspired by horror movies. Check out her work at @bizarropizarro on instagram



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