Machine Instructions @ IRL2

Your route to expression.

Forgot an important detail about machine software, or looking to double-check your safety precautions? These instructions are the same ones used to teach workshops at the IRL, so you can look back and check your work in case you’ve lost your copy.

Machine Instructions – Authorization Required

The following workshop syllabi are meant to supplement the work of authorized students and serve as helpful reminders. Reading them is NOT a substitute for hands-on experience with an IRL employee in an authorization workshop.


Students found using any of the below equipment without required authorization will be asked to leave the IRL. Repeat offenses will result in a ban from the space.

3D Printing

Laser Cutting

  • Full Spectrum Laser Cutter Workshop
    • This workshop applies to both the 40W Hobby and 90W Pro, but be mindful of size and settings differences, and ask for help if you need it

CNC Milling

Wood Shop

  • Woodshop Workshop Part 1
    • Any students found using woodshop tools without proper authorization are subject to bans from the space

Machine Instructions – Authorization NOT Required

The following machines and areas of making do not require authorization. You are free to read the following syllabi and attempt to use the equipment without attending a workshop. Just remember to ask for help if you get stuck!

Vinyl Cutting

Textiles & Sewing

Screen Printing

Circuitry & Soldering

Button Maker