Make Your Own Portable Phone Charger

Make Your Own Portable Phone Charger

Portable Charger How-To

Making your own portable charger is inexpensive. Here is a step by step guide that doesn’t involve soldering or practice with electronics.



We used this project as a guide.





  • Battery (2 AA’s)
  • Battery holder or adapter (get the correct one that correlates with the type of battery)
  • Tin (about the size of an altoid box – make sure there is enough room for the battery)
  • Electrical tape


  • Usb car charger
  • Wires (1 positive one negative)
  • Your own charging cord to plug in at the end





  • Wire cutter
  • Pliers
  • scrap wood (optional)
  • hand saw
  • clamp (optional)




  1. Take off the casing of the USB charger. To do this, clamp the charger to the scrap wood and use the hand saw to cut until can see the inside. Continue cutting the charger at different angles until you can use your pliers to break off smaller pieces of the case.





*We need to use the inside pieces of the charger so be extremely careful with this!
(I promise this was the hardest part – it’s down hill from here)





  1. Connect the metal of the positive and negative wires to the usb charger core
    *cut the ends of the wire to expose it before attaching it

– The positive wire attaches to the spring (twist the wires lightly to hold in place)

-Connect the negative wire to one of the metal wings on the usb

(the picture below isn’t mine but explains visually which parts the wires should be attached to)




Seal the connections by wrapping them in electrical tape



5. To complete the circuit, connect the other sides of the positive and negative wires to the battery adapter’s positive and negative ends. (wrap this in tape as well)



6. Use the pliers to make a hole in the side of the tin (big enough to fit the usb car charger)

7. Lay everything into the tin and secure them with electrical tape

(the battery doesn’t have to be taped)




Try charging your phone!




If your phone isn’t charging make sure to check that 


  • Your battery is new
  • The wires are connected correctly to negative and positive sides of the battery adaptor
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