Mounting Puzzles

We love puzzles of all sizes and difficulty, especially now in quarantine. They are a fun way to spend time with loved ones or to exercise your noggin. While many are engaged in puzzle swaps with friends and family, some puzzles you love so much that you want to save and put up as a decorative item. 


Here are Four different options:



1. Buy pre-made puzzle glue. You can find it on Amazon.



2. Mix equal parts clear elmer’s glue and water and lather onto the puzzle. Will need to do 3 layers.



3.  Adhesive spray (I don’t recommend as it can get sticky and gross but its an option)



4.  Mod-Podge





You will also need to mount the puzzle onto another surface.  I used thin cardboard,  but any hardened paper material should work . You can use double sided tape or glue to adhere to the cardboard piece. Then you can either just hang it  or put it into a frame to hang on the wall. 

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Tyler Bogartz-Brown
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