PPE Update

PPE Update

We have raised over $35,000 in crowdfunding and have received a $25,000 grant.

So far we’ve made 30,000 face shields and plan on buying $60,000 in PET-G (plastic for the shields) which will make 68,000 shields.



Our maker community has made this possible, along with the help of the City of Chicago and the Department of Public Health. GetmePPE Chicago has helped us identify Hospitals in Need as well.



Now that the ball is rolling on face shields our next project to tackle is fabric face masks! We’ve ordered a $25,000 worth of elastic and plan on obtaining sewing machines to continue to enable our community’s involvement. We are also 3D printing free bias tape jigs to help with the rapid production of sewn masks. We have published two blog posts last week that explain how you can help. 


Info About the Eventbrite Resource Kit http://irl.depaul.edu/depaul-resource-kits-ppe-facemask-headband/

Mask Making Instructions: http://irl.depaul.edu/how-to-make-a-fabric-mask/

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