Remote Learning Resources

Remote Learning Resources

With many remote classes planned for this coming Fall Quarter, staying on track with everything can be stressful and overwhelming. Here at the IRL, we’ve taken the time to put together a list of resources that may assist you in staying productive and on track:


  • MS OneNote: It allows you to take notes with a stylus if you are on a touchscreen laptop or iPad. The app also has some cool features that are typically paid for like setting bookmarks in the notes you are taking and organizing your notes so that you do not have to scroll and scroll to find a specific topic.



  • Momentum: Allows you to set tasks that you should be doing in new tabs you open so that you are reminded to get that done for the day. You can also add sub points you should be doing throughout the day.



  • XMind: This app allows you to add daily to-dos with different colors and deadlines. It also has a calendar view so you can see your week at a glance.



  • Grammarly: An app that corrects spelling errors and offers feedback on syntax.



  • Forest: Browser extension that allows you to set a timer, blacklist sites you should not be on during that time which can hinder your productivity, and has a cool concept behind it: As long as you are proactive, you plant a digital tree that you care for depending on how productive you are.




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