Reserve a Computer

Reserve a Virtual Computer




DePaul students can reserve a virtual machine from the IRL that opens in-browser, and comes loaded with creative software. Interested? Read on below.





First-time Steps to Reserve

  1. Create a free Paperspace account.
  2. Get an invitation to the IRL Paperspace team by emailing us with your Paperspace account information.
  3. Reserve a time slot through the reservation button above (go to “Workstations” > “Virtual Computer”).
  4. When your reservation slot begins, log into the IRL team on Paperspace and launch your machine. After your reservation slot is done, the machine will be powered down and restored to its original state, so make sure you save your data to the cloud before quitting!



If you’ve already been added to the IRL Paperspace team, all you need to do is reserve a time slot for your machine. We’ll take care of the rest! Students who are not in CDM will need to be manually activated in WebCheckout before they can make reservations.


Software List

Our software list is always growing! Currently, each virtual machine comes with the following pre-loaded: