Screen Printing

Print your own custom designs.


Workshops are highly recommended for this machine, especially for first-time users, but they are not required for use. Remember you can always ask staff members for help or refer to our Screen Printing Guide.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing is the process of pressing ink through a stenciled mesh screen to create a printed design.


To create a stencil design, you can either emulsify a screen or use a sticker vinyl cutout. Emulsified screens use light to expose an image onto a screen to make a stencil. Vinyl cutout screens use a sheet of sticker vinyl that has been cut with a design that is stuck directly to the screen.

Our Screen Printing Presses

Screen Printing Presses are available at both IRL locations.

Screen Printing Press at IRL

Screen Printing Press at IRL2

Provided Materials

Speedball Screen Printing Ink (various colors)


110 mesh screens for printing onto fabric


220 mesh screens for printing onto paper


No Software is required for Screen Printing



*NOTE: We typically use vinyl cutters with vinyl sticker sheets to transfer designs onto screens. Refer to the Vinyl Cutting page for more information.


Machine Instructions

Need help with screen printing? Check out our Screen Printing Guide.

Example Projects

See what this machine can do.