Workshops are offered for this machine, but they are not required for use. Remember you can always ask a staff member for help or refer to our Sewing Guide.

What are my options for sewing?

Sewing machines feed thread through fabric to create an automatic stitch.


Embroidery machines pass thread through fabric to automatically create pre-defined embroidered designs.


An overlock serger stitches a seam,  trims excess seam allowance, and overcasts the edge of your fabric to create a clean, professional edge to a garment.

Our Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are available at both IRL locations.

Brother Sewing Machine

Brother Embroidery and Sewing Machine

Brother Compact Overlock Serger

Provided Materials

Fabric (various types, colors, and patterns)


Rotary Cutting Tools with Mats


Thread (various colors)


Pins and Sewing Needles


No software is required for sewing machines.

Machine Instructions

Need help getting started with sewing? Check out our Sewing Guide.

Example Projects

See what this machine can do.