Side Walk Puffy Paint

Side Walk Puffy Paint

Make liquid chalk that has raised edges like puffy paint and strong enough to hold designs longer than regular chalk.



*Warning*  – if you have a brand new or a lightly colored driveway this has the potential to stain the driveway !



This makes enough for one bottle –

use it all in one sitting because it is not intended to keep for longer






Flour (1 cup)


Water (1 cup)


Dish-soap (1 tbsp)


Cheese Grater


Chalk (if you don’t have any, use food coloring, or washable paints)


Whisk (or something to mix everything)


Container (squeeze bottle works best but I used a zip-lock bag)




Step one: Combine flour and water in a bowl
make sure there are no lumps left




Step two : Use the fine side of cheese grater to turn your chalk into powder.
(I used up my scraps of left over blue chalk but if you’re using a brand new piece, grate about half)




Step three: Add the dish soap and mix everything into the bowl




Step four: Pour into squeeze bottle or ziplock bag


Step five: paint on you drive way! (Wash away with a hose after painting for a quick removal – or let sit in the sun and dry for longer lasting patterns )



*the latter may require stronger removal like power washing or time to fade

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