Spring Quarter Stop Motion Challenge!

Spring Quarter Stop Motion Challenge!

Hello IRL patrons! We might be working remotely for this quarter, but the IRL is still hosting some fun challenges and events for you this quarter! 


This quarter the IRL will be hosting our first ever Stop Motion Animation Contest


The theme for the stop motion challenge is “creativity”. Think creativity to get work done, to try new situations or to keep occupied during the quarantine. Pretty straightforward, right? 


This challenge will be run like a mini-Premiere Film Festival with prizes for winners and a showing of submissions depending on how the current COVID situation develops. 

Rules and Requirements 


The IRL Stop Motion Challenge serves a mini challenge for the creative community at DePaul university to encourage creativity, innovation and a good time for students. Students from all majors are encouraged to participate. 


  1. Students are free to use whatever household materials are readily available to them. 
  2. Submissions should be no less than twenty seconds and no more than five minutes
  3. The deadline to submit is Monday, May 25th 2020 at 11:59 PM. If the current COVID-19 situation changes or improves, we intend to have a screening of the finished pieces on the DePaul Loop campus. If the campus situation stays the same, we will be streaming these over Zoom live. We will also be premiering these live on YouTube.    
  4. All submissions should be emailed to idearealizationlabdpu@gmail.com no later than the aforementioned deadline.


We’ll be posting stop motion tutorials, help guides and information about prizes as we countdown to the final deadline! Happy Making!

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