String Art

Have long distance friends and family? Pinterest has blown up with string art gift ideas.

This state outline project is a fun way to show someone you miss them.





nails (small)




paper with design / outline printed on it




  1. Print the outline of the state on a piece of paper and tape this to the wood.






2. Outline the state with your nails (follow the line). The closer the nails,

the more accurate the border will be but feel free to space as you’d like.





3. After completing the outline, draw a heart approximately where your friend lives

or whichever part is significant to them. Use more nails to create the heart.


4. Take the thread and loop it around a nail from the state outline then to a nail on the heart.

Keep the thread taught, and pull the thread back out to a different nail in the outline –

then back to the next nail in the heart. Repeat this until every nail in the outline has been connected.


*if the string is too loose it will sag when hung on the wall and the effect will be lost


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Meg Moore
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