Ways to Re-Use Old House Paint

Ways to Re-Use Old House Paint

Does anyone else have a stack of old, 1/2 empty paint cans in their basement?

Instead of throwing them out here are some ways to use your left over house paint.


If the Paint is White:


  1. Extend your Acrylic Paint –

If you’re running out of your favorite acrylic paint color, adding in some white paint will

lighten it but it will give you a lot more to work with before heading out to buy more.


*Acrylic and Latex (house paint) are both water based so they can be mixed!





If the paint is Colorful:

  1. Pollock-Style  Stationary –

Cover the ground with white printer paper and choose at least two paint colors to splatter all over.

This is an easy way to create bright and exciting stationary in bulk.






(Jackson Pollock also used indoor house paint for his masterpieces)




2. Chalk Board Paint


Mix your latex wall paint with non sanded grout to turn it into a material

that once painted onto the wall, can be drawn on and erased over and over.



3. Breathe New Life into Furniture


I’ve seen old chairs, dresser drawers and even old washing machines revamped with house paint.

Something that is rusting or peeling can become a pop of color to brighten up  your house.



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