Wood Shop


Check out our Events and Workshops page to find upcoming Authorization Workshops.


*NOTE: In order to be authorized for ALL wood shop tools, you will need to take both Woodshop Pt.1 and Woodshop Pt.2 Authorization workshops.

What are my options in the wood shop?

The wood shop has a variety of saws, sanders, and drills for all your woodworking needs.


There are also basic handheld tools that do not require authorization for use.

Our Wood Shop Tools

Many Wood Shop tools are available at both IRL locations.

Belt Sander

Drill Press

Table Saw

Chop/Miter Saw

Scroll Saw

Band Saw

Provided Materials

Scrap Wood, Lumber, and Plywood sheets


Various nails and Screws


And more!


No software is required for the wood shop.

Tool Instructions

Need help with anything in the Wood Shop? Check out our Wood Shop Guide.

Example Projects

See what you can make in the wood shop.