Working from Home Tips

Working from Home Tips

Have a remote summer job?


As we adjust to working from home during this time of uncertainty, here are a couple tips to keep you on track:




  • Wake up at the same time everyday: While it is nice to sleep in, this can really impact your energy levels and sleep cycle as the week processes. 



  • Get dressed: While you are at home and can dress as you please, dressing as if you were on your way to work can trigger your mind to be more efficient and get ready for the tasks ahead.



  • Create a work station: This is a little harder depending on how big your shelter is, but if you can, set up a work zone and make your bedroom more for just a place to rest and destress. 




  • Prioritize: Obviously there is only so much time in a day so make a list and cross off tasks one by one in order of importance and deadline. 



  • End your day: It can be hard to respect boundaries, especially when our work is on a deadline. Still, it is important to respect your own time and clock out when your shift is over. If you have not finished a project, make note of where you left off and what next steps you need to take to finish the project on another shift
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Riley O'Brien
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